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About one year ago, our band discussed what would be the next Help Me Help You release for the first time: a four-song EP titled Seasons. It’s hard to fully explain in one breath why it took us a year to complete this project, but it needed to happen. The past twelve months have brought completely different stages of life for each of us, and along with them a lot of new friends in a lot of different places. We’re beyond grateful for everyone we’ve met and for everyone who’s checked out our band, and we hope that you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed creating it. Seasons will be released this upcoming Tuesday, November 25th. Thanks everyone for the awesome year.


released November 25, 2014

Help Me Help You is:

Patt O'Brien - Drums/Bass/Production
Devin Wojtanek - Guitars/Bass/Synth
Steve Conzo - Vocals/Guitars/Omnichord

Written and recorded by Help Me Help You in Patts Apartment.
All recording and mixing done by Help Me Help You. Additional production and bass tracking done by Mike Burkowsky.

Ins & Outs written with Danny Santos and Tom Martorano.

Special thanks to John Tonelli.



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Help Me Help You New Jersey

Help Me Help You is an Indie/Emo band based out of the New York/New Jersey area.

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Track Name: Ins & Outs
We are the ones that chose to pretend
How this time was spent,
Caught in between what's past and progress

And we believe our memories chose to see the outcomes differently
I can't tell if I'm right,
I can't think about it now,
I can't dwell on this tonight

Take your time writing facts on what we can't define,
And how we think we've earned that
We live to see the moments we perceive as something beautifully
designed from sacrifice

It's what you've failed to figure out
I ask you dwell on this tonight
Track Name: Outside by the Shed
Losing you in a crowd of all these rich fake friends
And I thought, "I knew she wouldn't want to be here"
That's when, I saw outside by the shed
You're lying on the grass, skipping rocks
Trying to scrape away what's left of this image you soundly kept.

Your dress tears
It slips as you're falling down the stairs

Please explain to me everything that's wrong in this scene
You can't complain about something you've dreamed of living
And I will never know why you pushed yourself past this point in your life
I've given up on trying to persuade you to give in without a fight

You should think about staying
The shy, clever girl I've come to know these years
Track Name: The Fleet That Follows
There's silence in a bedroom
Left from things we tend to do when we're apart
Assuming what's not from foreign thoughts
that can't explain these sounds;
Hollow walls that don't keep us in bounds,
All of their frames hear what we say

It's hard to compete with
Your backbone of friendships that break down the door
Every time they hear you raise your voice

The wall built to guide you is something I have to deal with
Reporting back to them before it gets to you
Before I get to you

I'm sleeping with shoes on with you in your bed
Just in case they don't like the way I turn my head

Pushing me further from grabbing your hand to run far away
So we can build upon our collective dream
The whispers, they follow, convince you to turn back
And go listen to who they think that you would be much better off with

"I can't open up" you said
I'll milk my chance to open up, spill everything I've got
It doesn't happen enough
Track Name: I'll Remember That
Please don't go, everyone is watching us,
This could be embarrassing
Five years worth of conversation,
And a night takes the last ones

We've built our faults into statues,
Maybe I could too build this one last thing for you.
Let me explain what happened, our lips just touched for a second.

Now I must say goodbye
Your eyes fade out of mine
I know this isn't right
May time rebuild your mind